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Hello beautiful people.

Our studio Minimal Ink is currently accepting applications for one Assistant | Artists Manager.

Tattoos are accepted on this job 😉

Theres no tattoo shop experience required, we don’t work like one! But you need to have some important and strong skills.

If you want to be part of our team you must be extraordinarily hard working – Our team are some of the best in the business and this didn’t happen by accident – We work very hard and long hours everyday and we expect the same from our assistants. Love what you do is the key!

Skills Required:

  • Fluent speaker and writer in Portuguese and English
  • Excellent communication skills (we receive lots of emails, phone calls and we need to respond to everyone with care and enthusiasm and be able some times to keep in mind what is going on with different emails, inboxes and phone calls)
  • Be able to coordinate or learn to coordinate all aspects of studio daily workflow, and artist agendas, trips and business proposals
  • No drama, easy learner and strong problem solver
  • Be able to learn new things easy and fast.
  • Strong organizational skills (For the Studio and Artists work)
  • Be able to generate business
  • Social media knowledge and able to manage multiple channels at the same time.
  • The last but not the least, and for sure one of the more important skills, must be a pleasure to work with you and we have a strict no asshole policy.
  • Knowing how to use wordpress will be a must but not important.
  • Be able to start the job in August

Thank you to everyone who will apply, this means a world to us.

Please send us your CV and a small letter explaining why we should hire you (in Portuguese if you are Portuguese or English if you want)  to


  • Mafalda Barbosa diz:

    Boa tarde a todos,

    Já encontraram alguém para o emprego? Fiz a minha candidatura à uns tempos via email e ainda não obtive resposta. Adorava encontrar-me com vocês e dizer porque sou a pessoa ideal para a função.

    Mafalda Barbosa

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